Game Plan

Deidra sighed; there was no way to win this game. Her 6-year old cousin shifted in her seat, giddy; Alana foresaw her victory. With a gentle smile, Deidra stared at the chart, unblinking. She hesitated to draw the last X. Instead of a children’s game, Deidra saw a mocking reflection of her life’s choices. How… Continue reading Game Plan


A Fowl Walk

Eddie walked down the street and slurped his drink from 7-Eleven; it was pretty good for the price. The aroma from the food he purchased at a hole-in-the-wall joint was mouthwatering. Why didn’t I go to these places sooner? Eddie wondered. The glitz of finer, more expensive eateries have blinded him until his retirement. Now,… Continue reading A Fowl Walk

Neighborhood Watch

The silence complimented Ava’s forlorn spirit, and sapped away her motivation. The last few days blurred; did she eat, shower? The silence was broken by incessant, lilting tweets turned obnoxious cawing. Ava followed the noise; the neighborhood quail pecked at her kitchen window. Dragging her bones outside, she replenished the feeder. The quail remained defiantly,… Continue reading Neighborhood Watch

The Fountain Boys

“I bet you won’t,” Alfred mocked. “You keep saying that,” Titus huffed as his short legs swung from their bench. “Bet you won’t,” Alfred repeated, eyes never leaving the fountain. Titus figured his new friend just loved fountains. “I did it. You’re just scared,” Alfred teased with an unfamiliar grin. Titus slammed his feet on… Continue reading The Fountain Boys

Rose-Colored Sorrow

Dolores sat on the steps and slid her toes into the fine-grained, beige sand. The wind carried the delicious scent of barbecue, and the breeze was soothing against the skin. It was a beautiful day she wasn’t able to enjoy; the melancholy in her blood didn’t allow it. Instead, she focused on the flash of… Continue reading Rose-Colored Sorrow

The Main Attraction

It was embarrassing, really. A powerful demon, trapped for decades as a statue amongst lowly humankind. Seth roared, the bloodthirsty sound echoed around him, unheard by the insects in front of him. “It says don’t touch –“ “No one’s looking! Take the picture.” The human touched the statue; Seth’s spirit lunged. Seth blinked rapidly, flexed… Continue reading The Main Attraction

Amelia’s Flight

Tony felt too alone in the airplane. He felt wrong. His heart was twisting. Tony kissed his wedding ring. It was warm from how often he clutched it during the flight. The promise he made flashed in his head non-stop. “Go,” Amelia rasped from the hospital bed, with love and a bittersweet smile. Tony would… Continue reading Amelia’s Flight

Something There

Carmen stared out of her round top window at the dark, dilapidated house next door. Except it wasn’t a house – it was another realm. A gateway, but not a home. Carmen’s brown eyes stung, and forced her to blink. She did so only once, careful not to allow whatever was living there a chance… Continue reading Something There

Henry and Ruth: The Fork Between Them

  Henry sighed outside of Kingswood Senior Living. His mother was late getting off work, and they were supposed to go grocery shopping. Finally, his mother came through the front door looking weary. Her sunken cheeks were just a family trait that Henry had himself, and it exacerbated her tired look. She looked up at… Continue reading Henry and Ruth: The Fork Between Them