Beaches In Training

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Alexandria landed hard in the watery sand, the force of the punch stung her abdomen. Was Valencia even trying to help her train or did she just bring her here to humiliate her? She stood, braided bun loosening from the rigorous session. 

Valencia stood opposite her and frowned. “When was the last time you trained?” She didn’t bother to hide the snark in her tone.

“Almost every day with the boys – “ 

“The prince and his advisors,” Valencia sharply corrected. Alexandria rolled her eyes and shrugged while Valencia shook her head, frowning. “Is it that hard to take your role seriously?”

Alexandria stretched to hide the insult she felt. What about your role? She thought to herself. “I think I’m pretty serious all the damn time.”

“Then fight like it,” Valencia snapped back, done with the conversation, and resumed a fighting stance, toes placed expertly in the sand. 

Alexandria sighed. The beach was too beautiful for this with it’s familiar, green rolling hills and memories that filled her heart. Alexandria thought it was all right to put her guard down just for a moment. 

“You know,” Alexandria huffed, “you don’t even act like you’re my sister.”

Valencia winced internally but remained stoic. The truth was, she was ecstatic to be on the beach where they grew up together. Playing, searching the sand for shells, arguing, just being sisters. She missed her best friend-

A swift leg sweep from Alexandria put Valencia on her back. She went to stand but stopped short when her hand felt something smooth and round. Valencia looked down and started to giggle, then cackle. 

“Sis,” she said to Alexandria’s confused face and held up a shining abalone, “we found a seashell.”

Alexandria burst into laughter and joined her sister in the silver sand for a much-needed hug.

Words: 300

Written for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt: Silver. Click the link to read more work inspired by this week’s #writephoto prompt. 

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