The Weird Kid

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

“It’s gonna rain soon,” one of the few classmates that spoke to Talia warned her. 

“I know. I’m coming,” she mumbled absently, never moving from her snow angel position on the grass. Her eyes were wide but vacant. Why were the birds still here, flying around them? Or were they flying around her specifically? Talia wondered why she was even still there watching them and had spent her whole recess hour in ‘la-la land’ as the adults called it? 

“You’re weird.” Some of the other kids spoke with finality and ran inside the school as drops of rain began to fall.

Maybe that’s the answer, she thought without offense. Because she was weird, and maybe the birds were weird too. That’s why they soared despite the gray skies. Talia only knew that she wanted to fly with them. She also knew how ridiculous that sounded. 

Eventually, a favorite teacher brought Talia back inside for class and she took her usual spot near the window seat and continued to gaze. Schoolwork wasn’t hard for Talia, but it was boring. 

Outside was never boring, though. If the skies weren’t ever-changing like her mood, then there were little animals to become little distractions and people watching to fuel her imagination. Talia felt like she could relate to the birds much more than any classmate. At least birds couldn’t call her weird all the time. 

“Talia,” the teacher snapped, “Pay attention. Perhaps you could answer the question?”

Some students snickered at Talia’s startled expression. She didn’t mind much though and gave the answer to the question she’d solved last week. The teacher was flustered at her accurate response, and Talia returned her stare outside. 

The questions that mattered most to Talia went on unanswered but nonetheless, she wanted to fly and join the birds.

Words: 300

Written for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt: Soar. Click the link to read more work inspired by this week’s #writephoto prompt. 

8 thoughts on “The Weird Kid”

  1. This is wonderful, Talia will cut the constraints of gravity, it maybe she will actually fly or it may just be in her mind but her wings will come and she will soar.💜


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