Paint Like No One’s Watching

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

Would she ever be captured in a painting? In a photograph? Geneva was too small for humans to notice, too quick for the normal eye to see. Little did the humans know, it was her and her fairie kin that brought the magic to this oasis, and many around the world. 

The warmth of the sun caressed Geneva’s tiny face, and her peridot, heart-shaped wings camouflaged into the water lilies. Her slender fingertips tapped the water and the ripples made waves. Waves only she could see. To others it probably looked like an errant leaf fell into the waters. Was it ever possible amongst all the unseen magic that, maybe someone did notice her? Geneva didn’t know what was out there in the human world, but she always wondered. 

She stretched her petite body and nodded in greeting at a passing butterfly she shared this peaceful home with. Geneva watched her fellow winged friend fly around the trees and down the path of the red bridge. Once, Geneva had asked her neighbor what it was like in the human world. Were there pictures and paintings of their minuscule, mystical homes or loud, scary noises like the rumors and bedtime stories faes told their children?

Her butterfly friend only responded with, “Some things are better left untouched.” After all, most of their friends never did return after passing the red bridge. 

It gave the fairy a different appreciation for those who came to admire but left her habitat in peace. Geneva ascended, small dust in her wake before she buzzed away, deeper into the flora as a lively bunch of humans came by to cross the red bridge.

She heard them flash their cameras, but didn’t turn around. Maybe they’d catch some of her fairy dust and recreate their own magic.

Words: 300

Written for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt: Painted. Click the link to read more work inspired by this week’s #writephoto prompt. 

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