A Fowl Walk

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Eddie walked down the street and slurped his drink from 7-Eleven; it was pretty good for the price. The aroma from the food he purchased at a hole-in-the-wall joint was mouthwatering.

Why didn’t I go to these places sooner? Eddie wondered. The glitz of finer, more expensive eateries have blinded him until his retirement. Now, Eddie had too much time and money on his hands.

A loud squawk and crash startled him; in the alleyway, a man in a bloody apron was having a standoff with… a duck?

“Come here!” the man yelled, lunging for the fowl with a knife. The duck sidestepped, dashed under the butcher’s legs, tripping him. This was a creature with an intense will to live. It didn’t want to be served to greedy corporate hands and picked apart.

“Sir,” Eddie approached the defeated butcher. “I’d like to buy that duck from you.”

He plopped $500 into the butcher’s hand. “I’m sure that will cover any profit loss. Goodbye!” Eddie chimed, and hoisted the duck under his arms, leaving the confused butcher behind.

This probably wasn’t what his wife meant when she told him to get some air.

“Honey,” Eddie practiced, “we have a pet duck!”

Word count: 200

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction, ran by Susan. To read more stories based off this prompt, click here.



3 thoughts on “A Fowl Walk”

  1. I had a pet goose as a child. Not sure whatever happened to it but I don’t think it ended up as dinner. Too much money in the right hands can be a good thing. Nicely done.


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