Something There

SPF June 3 2018 (1 of 1)
Photo credit: C.E. Ayr

Carmen stared out of her round top window at the dark, dilapidated house next door. Except it wasn’t a house – it was another realm. A gateway, but not a home. Carmen’s brown eyes stung, and forced her to blink. She did so only once, careful not to allow whatever was living there a chance to think she was naïve. It slithered amongst the walls, oozed from the cracks in tendrils. Curious onlookers, interested buyers, and the foolhardy teenagers have all stepped foot into the structure. Each and every one of them would run out, screaming in anguish, grasping their heads for whatever piece of reality and safety they could find.

Carmen went to bed that night. She jolted awake from a nightmare, filled with the trauma of her past that felt too real to be a dream. Carmen scrambled out the bed, throwing herself to the open window she knew she closed before bed, and stared. There were black shadows, tentacles retreating into the building. The wind blew softly; her hair brushed her cheek. Carmen knew it was really a caress from the entity next door.

“No,” she whispered. To the creature or her slowly decaying mind, she didn’t know.

Word count: 200

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction, ran by Susan. To read more stories based off this prompt, click here.




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