Stop dragging your feet! Girls don’t do that; pick your feet up when you walk. You have such pretty legs, too. You should at least walk right. Is your hair done, because don’t you even dream of leaving the house without something done to your hair. You’re a girl, you should know how to take care of your own hair, and it’s an embarrassment otherwise. Make sure your nails are done, too. Your nails grow long so you better take care of them, no chipped off nail polish from weeks ago. You should paint your nails, why don’t you want to? Don’t you want to look nice? Don’t have a nasty attitude, all girls should be nice and sweet. You should wear dresses more. What’s wrong with a skirt? What, too lazy to shave your legs so you wear pants? It wouldn’t hurt you to throw on a dress every now and then. Just shave your legs, but wait, why are you using a male razor? What’s wrong with the female ones? You should use those even though the male razors are a thousand times better.

You have to carry around a purse. You’re a female and females carry purses. No, you can’t just keep putting everything in your pockets; girl pockets aren’t big enough for that. You need some earrings, they’d look nice. You never wear earrings and girls are supposed to. You could at least start buying some clip on earrings. Fine, just wear accessories. You’re a girl and we can never have too many accessories. You should wear some rings, too. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you plenty of rings and other shiny jewelry for you to wear. Wouldn’t that make you feel nice? Are you going to start wearing a little makeup? That’s nice, some lipstick and such would look fine. Oh, you’re wearing too much eyeliner, why would you bother even putting on makeup? You don’t need it, you’re pretty without it. Did you get a purse yet?

You look like you’ve been losing weight. Why is that? Why are you trying to lose weight? You should just stay the size you are now. Oh, you have been losing a little weight. You don’t look good at all; you should eat more because you’re starting to look sick. Your clothes will fall off of you, and men don’t like that. Men like curves and you’re curvy, so don’t worry about it. I hope you aren’t having sex yet. You know you can get pregnant? It’s easy to spread your legs, but don’t do it. You’ll be a single, teen mother. Men are only interested in one thing from the start and that’s sex. Are you pregnant? You better not be, because I won’t help you take care of the child.

You’re a young woman, you should focus on your education and you don’t have enough street smarts to deal with guys right now. Get your education, don’t get pregnant. You’re a smart girl – well, book smart and guys like that, too. It’s a good thing you’re pretty and book smart, because I don’t think you have much street knowledge. Most girls do well in school, so of course you will, too. You need to learn to speak up more and talk to people, but don’t talk too much and be your nerdy self like you are at home. You keep saying you want a dog at home, but why do you want a Rottweiler or a St Bernard? You’re a girl, and those aren’t dogs for girls. Get a Pomeranian or something else small when we go to get you that purse you need.

You have tattoos? On your biceps? That’s so manly. You’re a pretty female so why would you want that kind of image? You need to go shopping more, buy yourself some clothes. Oh, but not those clothes because they’re ugly. The only girly thing about you is all of your shoes, but you keep them dirty. What are you looking at on TV? You’re watching wrestling on TV? You’re playing these violent games and you aren’t even a boy. You’re a girl, you’re supposed to like nice things!

You’re such a sensitive girl. What are you crying for? Because you feel sad? Girls can cry sometimes, but you’re a black girl so keep it together. There’s nothing bothering you, you’re just a silly little girl. You have to stop being so sensitive and meek, other girls can do that but not you. You’re a black girl. A black girl who still doesn’t have a purse.

Premise: My creative writing professor asked the females in the class to write two pages on what it meant to be a girl, and for the males to do the same about what it meant to be a boy. Later, she had us do the opposite; males wrote what it meant to be a girl, females wrote about what it meant to be a boy. You can find my version of the story here.



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